Confessions Of A Dating App

How Discovery works

We’re all about quality over quantity at elate. We'd prefer to show you a small number of the best profiles each day and then let you get on with your life. That’s where Discovery comes in.

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How the Feed works

It's easy to find someone you fancy, harder to find someone you like. The Feed tab is the magic that lets us do both.

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Tips For Better Dating Profile Bios

Writing an About You section or answering a profile prompt is hard, but it's worth it for better matches.

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How We Made The Anti-Ghosting Dating App

Ghosting is the worst. We've made an app that makes it harder.

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How To Choose Better Dating Profile Photos

Chances are high that your photos suck. Follow these tips to choose better photos and get better dates.

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Dating apps are crap.
We made one that isn't.

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