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A dating app designed for less swiping, less ghosting and fewer d*ckheads✌

Quality over quantity

Up to ten quality recommendations a day, no endless swiping.

For the best matches, not the most matches.

Elate is a dating app with quality recommendations over quantity
Elate is a dating app with just three chats at a time

Three chats at a time

Three chats at a time mean better conversations with less ghosting.

New matches wait in the Match Queue till you both have space.


Matches have to free up space to chat to someone new, we let you know if that happens.

So no waiting and wondering if they'll reply!

Anti-ghosting meme by the anti-ghosting dating app, Elate
Elate is a dating app with more than just superficial matching

Less superficial matching

We match you on personality, values, interests. AND looks.

Because it’s easy to find someone you fancy, harder to find someone you like.

Zero tolerance for d*ckheads

Every chat ends with private feedback, so we can find you better matches.

It also helps us remove the serial ghosters and rude pr*%ks faster than other apps.💪

A dating app with zero tolerance for harassment

Oh stop, you're making us *blush*

Five star review

Great for people who don’t like using dating apps a lot

I used to find swiping through loads of profiles so boring I like how you can only see a certain amount of people a day and like how you only speak to three people as well.


Five star review

Love the anti-ghosting idea

I’ve used a lot of dating apps so thought the idea of an anti-ghosting app was very cool and out there. It’s great that you're told when someone ends the chat and I like not having loads of profiles to go through looking forward to seeing what comes of this app!


Five star review

Great and refreshing new concept for dating

What a great idea for dating in a world where meet someone is hard enough as it is, but knowing you aren’t competing with lots of other profiles at the same time and really having a genuine conversation with someone is great. Well done guys!


Five star review

Loving the 3 chats!

Great to try something a bit different! It’s nice to know that the people I’m talking to aren’t also talking to loads of other people 🙌


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