Tips For Better Dating Profile Bios

Why you need to write something in your dating profile and why it needs to be good

We get it. Writing an About You section or answering a profile prompt is hard. 

You’re expected to be funny, witty AND express who you in less space than the ingredients list of a chocolate bar (though those can be more interesting than some of the bios we’ve seen!).

It can be tempting to just rely on your photos or do it later, but that just leads to boring/cliche messages or no likes at all.

The fact is, good bios get more matches. Even more important is that good bios get better matches. Matches that are more interesting and are better suited to you. 

So here are some tips on how to write the perfect bio or come up with an amazing answer to one of elate’s profile prompts:

Rules to follow when writing your dating profile bio or answering prompts

1. User your bio to make you seem interesting

Sounds obvious but it’s amazing how many people forget this! Instead of giving reasons people should match with them, they make it about what they’re looking for, what they want to avoid, or worst of all, they leave it blank!

2. Use your bio to give the other person something to ask you about

If the only type of message you ever get is 'hey' or something just as bland, then nothing in your bio or photos is very inspiring. 

Give people something to work with and you will see more interesting messages that instantly make it easier to get the conversation going and build some chemistry.

3. Make yourself stand out

Remember you're going to be compared to every other profile they see, profiles with just as good (or better!) photos than yours so you need to stand out!

This doesn’t mean you have to come up with truly unique, but at least avoid the cliches and don't make it too general.

If this all sounds like hard work, it should be. The reward is worth it.✌️

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