Tips For Better Dating Profile Bios

We get it. Writing a bio section or answering a profile prompt is hard. You’re expected to be witty, interesting AND express who you are in less space than the ingredients list of a chocolate bar (though ingredients lists can be more interesting than some of the bios we’ve seen).

It can be tempting to just rely on your photos or do it later, but having a blank or non-existent profile section makes you seem lazy at best, boring at worst.

Why having a good bio is so important

It’s important to remember you're going to be compared to hundreds of other profiles, and a lot of them will have as good photos (if not better) but having an interesting bio will make you stand out from a sea of otherwise cliche, dry profile.

Good bios get you more matches but also, more importantly, better matches. Matches that are better suited to you because they’re attracted to what they’ve learnt about you from your bio and can see what you have in common.

A good bio also keeps giving even after you match. Trying to strike up a conversation with someone who has one word answers and mirror selfies is infinitely harder than someone who gives detailed descriptions of who they are and interesting stories that show off their character.

By leaving a bio blank, or not bothering to come up with anything creative, you’re basically attracting that same lack of effort straight into your DMs. Self sabotage at its finest. 

So you’re convinced right? Time to write those bios? Oh, you still need some help on what to actually write. 

Tips for creating a good dating profile bio:

There we have it, you’re all set for creating a tip-top dating bio to really make your profile POP. 

Happy dating!

Team Elate x