How To Choose Better Dating Profile Photos

Admit it. You judge a book by its cover. You judge books by their covers, Netflix suggestions by their thumbnails, and a chicken shop meal deal by the picture in the window.

You shouldn’t do it but we all do, it’s human nature. No more so than on dating apps where you swipe through tons of profiles, making snap judgements in an instant.

At elate, we match you on personality first but you still need to like each other’s photos before you can chat. Because no one wants a relationship without a physical attraction...(Yeah, we said it. Come at us all you supposed ‘Sapiosexuals’!)

In other words, your pictures matter so here’s a rundown of top ten dos and don’ts to help you choose the right pics for your profile.

10 dos and don'ts for better dating profile photos

❌ Group shots = Guess who?

It’s nice to show you have friends but keep group shots to a minimum, never use them for the first two photos and never have more than three people in them.

✅ Use recent photos, even if you looked amazing in that one pic 5 years ago 🙃

No date is going to be impressed you look older than your photos so stick to photos from the last two years. Don’t have any recent photos? Go out and get some! 

❌ No photos with exes...even if you blur them out. 

This also includes people who could be mistaken for your ex. It looks like you’ve either recently broken up (so probably not ready to date yet), the photos are really old, or you’re just not very interesting and only did things your ex organised! 

✅ Include a mix of headshots and full-length photos

Your matches want to know they can confidently pick you out of a crowd when you meet in person. People notice when profiles only have close-ups and are less likely to match with them. 

❌ No Snapchat filters

Filters may be cute and show a playful side but they're basically masks. People want to see what you really look like, not how you’d look if you were a cat.

✅ Show your eyes

You may look cool in your new Ray-Bans but everybody looks better in sunglasses. Just like with filters, they hide what you really look like and get fewer likes.

❌ No mirror selfies

A photo is worth 1000 words...except mirror selfies. They’re boring, show zero personality and are just a bit cringy.

✅ Mix it up 

Ever seen those profiles where every single photo is the exact same pose and smile? Use your photos to show different sides of you, both literally and of your personality. 

❌ Don’t pose with drugged animals on holiday

It’s 2020, do we even need to say this?

✅ Get a second, third and fourth opinion

Always get an objective review of your photos, ideally from friends of the same gender you’re interested in.

Or go one better and get a review from the experts by sending your elate profile to

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