Why Elate?

There's a million dating apps out there. So what’s so special about Elate?

New Elate Discovery page

Quality over quantity

You’ve better things to do than waste half your life swiping to try and find the best profiles - why do our job for us??

The Discovery tab removes the paradox of choice giving you up to ten of your most compatible hotties each day.

Send a 'Like' to anyone who takes your fancy and then get on with more important stuff...like choosing the perfect GIF opener.

New Elate profiles

More detail for better matches

Our profiles aren't just designed to look fancy look (though they are fancy 😉), we also add lots more in depth questions about who you are and what you like.

Go to the My Profile tab to easily make changes, access your settings, and even pause (or *gasp* delete) your account.

Three chats at a time on Elate

Fewer chats for better conversations

You can't get to really know someone when you're both juggling 10 different chats, even the chief scientific advisor to Match group (which owns Tinder, Hinge, OkCupid and Plenty of Fish) says so!

Fewer chats mean fewer distractions and better conversations with less ghosting. Elate makes this happen with:

Private feedback on Elate

Zero tolerance for d*ckheads

Safety is our number one priority and is worked into everything we do. Scammers and fraudsters who rely on the numbers game a

Elate's smarter matching algorithm

Less superficial matching

It’s easy to find someone you fancy, waaaay harder to find someone you also like.

So we created our unique Compatibility Feed to learn your type, not just for looks but personality and more.

On the Compatibility Feed you rate snippets to teach the algorithm what you.

There are three different types of snippet:

The more you use the Compatibility Feed, the better your recommendations get!

Learn more about the Compatibility Feed

Soooo what do you think?

There’s lots more to come from this scrappy little dating startup but we can’t do it without your help and feedback! Check out this quick survey to give us your thoughts!