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How the Feed works

Can we all agree that the end goal is to find someone who’s funny and fit? 

It’s easy to find someone you fancy. That’s what most apps do, they match you on looks. It’s much harder to find someone you like, so trying to find both is like trying to find a needle in a stack of other needles.

At elate, we wanted a way to be able to quickly match you with someone with good looks AND personality, so we created the Feed (terrible name, we know...more on that later).

So what’s the Feed and how do you use it?

The Feed is the button with the two stars that sits between the Discovery tab and your messages. 

On the Feed you’ll find snippets from a mix of different profiles including photos or answers to elate’s question prompts. Every time you rate a snippet, it helps us learn more about what you like and dislike. 

Rate the photos to teach us what you go for in looks, rate answers to prompts to show what sort of personality you like. And don’t stress, just because you’ve rated them doesn’t mean you’ll match or reject them straight away. No commitment just yet! 

This is all about teaching us which answers and pictures get your heart rate up, and the ones that do the opposite so we can bring you better recommendations on the Discovery tab.

It’s actually one of the most important features on the app - so use it! Or don’t, but your recommendations will be crap. And that’s no fun for anyone. So, the more you use it, the better your recommendations will be.

So much more to come

This is all just the beginning, we have mahoosive plans for The Feed, because it’s SO important in getting your matches right. 

In the future we’ll also use the feed to get to know you better with more in depth questions about your interests, values and attitudes. 

We want your help

We want to know what you think should be added to the feed, what you think is important to finding a match.

We’re also fully aware that calling it the ‘The Feed’ is a bit...well, crap and doesn't do it justice.

So if you have a great idea for a name or any other feedback just email us at One request though, no Boaty McBoatface nonsense please 😇.