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How We Made The Anti-Ghosting Dating App

Ghosting is the f%*king worst.

Problem is, we all do it. Especially on dating apps. We’ve been programmed to try and get as many matches as possible so it's easy to let something fizzle out for something new  or never say anything at all.

That’s pretty crappy when you’re on the other end of it though, you’re left wondering and waiting and it’s become the number one complaint on dating apps (even more than dick pics!).

elate is the first app that lets you know when a match moves on, even if they don’t

We set out to make dating app that was different. One that brings respect and mindfulness back to dating by making behaviours like ghosting less common.

One that gives you the time and space to get to know your matches while also letting you know where you stand if they decide to move on, so you’re not left waiting and wondering. 

Features that make elate different: