How Discovery works

We’re bringing an end to endless swiping 

Swiping on dating apps has basically become a chore. It takes up way too much time, only to end up with matches you have zero spark with or nothing in common. 

We’re all about quality over quantity at elate. We'd prefer to show you a small number of the best profiles each day and then let you get on with your life. That’s where Discovery comes in.

So what is Discovery and how does it work?

The Discovery homepage is the first button with the eye icon, at the bottom left of the app. This is where you’ll find all your likes and daily recommendations. 

elate menu bar

Your daily recommendations are the people we think are perfect for you. Just click on their preview card to see the full profile (a new bigger and better profile is coming real soon!). Like or dislike them once you’ve had a look or go back to the homepage if want at look at the others first.


The Discovery tab is also home to the ‘Likes You’ section. Any time someone likes your profile you’ll see it here straight away (because we all love a little ego boost every now and again). You can only view one at a time, just like or dislike a profile to see the next one.

How does elate choose who to recommend?

Like most apps, we look at lots of different things (e.g. what’s on your profile, your filters, who’s been online most recently etc) but the real magic is in the Feed. The Feed tab is where you teach us what you like, check out our guide to the Feed for more.

Guide to the Feed

Why we only show you a handful of profiles a day

It’s hard enough trying to decide between the fifty different types of shampoo in the supermarket let alone thousands of profiles for your future happily ever after. We believe less is more and we want to give you the right matches, not the most matches.

Endless choice of Shampoo and conditioners

It’s why we only give you a few recommendations a day and why you can only chat with three people at a time. We want you to spend less time swiping and more time actually getting to know your matches. This leads to less ghosting, less flakiness and hopefully better connections.