Here’s quick round-up of our most frequently asked questions and if you need more help or support you can contact us at support@elatedate.com.

Where's the Android version?

It’s coming soon! Sign up to the waitlist on the homepage to be notified when it’s ready!

How are you the 'Anti-ghosting' app? Ghosting is a choice, you can't stop people!

We created an app that lets you know when a match moves on and also gives you fewer reasons to ghost others.

You can read all about it in our blog post, How we made the anti-ghosting dating app.

What's the difference between the Discovery tab and the Feed tab?

The Discovery tab is where you see up to 10 daily recommendations. Check out their profiles and like the ones you're interested in to see if there's a match.

The feed is how we learn what your type is. You can't like someone's profile or match with them on Feed but you can rate a mix of different photos and bios to teach us your preferences. The more you use it, the better your recommendations get.

So if Discovery is where you make thoughtful, considered decisions about who to like or dislike, the Feed is where you can be as impulsively judgy as you want.

Why do I only see a few profiles a day?

One of the biggest complaints in online dating is matches who never say anything. This happens because people mindlessly swipe through hundreds of profiles a day and only decide if they want to talk to someone once they've matched.

We believe in quality over quantity. We want you to spend time looking at the profile and really thinking about whether you want to match. So when you do match with someone it's because you've both made a serious choice to and are less likely to ghost each other.

Why do I only talk to three people at once?

Some people call it cognitive overload, others the paradox of choice, but basically research shows that we don’t do well with too many options. 

We get FOMO and it then becomes harder to get to know someone because you're always distracted by new matches or messages. By sticking with just three, you can focus on getting to know someone properly.

You can still get new matches though, they just go to your match queue.

What's the match queue and why can't I see who's in it?

When you match with someone but either you or your match doesn't have space free, they go into the match queue.
We're working on a way showing you who's in your queue in a future update.

I matched with someone so why haven't they shown up in my messages?

If you matched with them but they are already talking to three people then they’ll go into your match queue. 
This also happens if you have space but they don’t. As soon as you have space they will appear in your messages!

I have space free to talk to a new match and have matches in my queue, why can't I talk to someone new?

If you have one but everyone in your match queue doesn’t, you won’t be able to speak to them. As soon as one of them frees up a space, you’ll see them appear in your messages.

Does my match see what feedback I give when I end the conversation?

No, the feedback is just for us to help with moderation and to better understand which matches are right for you.

Why do I have to give feedback?

Feedback is really important because it lets us know if a match didn’t work out so we can bring you better recommendations. 

It also allows us to keep track of users who are behaving badly, which is why we always take it from both sides, even if the other person ends the conversation (so they can’t just be a d*ck then un-match before you can report them!).

Why don't you offer more gender options?

We'll be adding more by the end of the year! We really want to make sure we do it in a way that isn't just playing lip service to gender identity but actually works for all users. 

We'd love your input so let us know at hello@elatedate.com if you're interested in helping make it happen!