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What's new in Elate v2

It’s finally here, version 2.0 of the app, v2, the sequel, the second coming, the return of the get the idea.

So what’s so special about it? Here’s a little overview of what you’ll find in our biggest update yet! 🎉

New Elate Discovery page

Quality over quantity

You’ve really got better things to do than swipe half your day away trying to find the best profiles for you - why should you do our job for us??

The Discovery tab is where we send you daily recommendations and now you can peruse your list of hotties at your leisure instead of one at a time.

Just send a 'Like' the ones who take your fancy and then get on with the more important choosing the perfect GIF opener.

New Elate profiles

More detail for better matches

Our profiles don't just have a fancy new look (though it is fancy 😉), we’ve also added lots more in depth questions about who you are and what you like.

Plus we've redesigned the My Profile tab, to easily make changes, access your settings, and even pause (or *gasp* delete) your account.

Three chats at a time on Elate

Anti-ghosting messaging 

You can't get to know someone when you're trying to juggle 10 different chats and messages from new matches (well, most of us can't!). That’s why we limit the number of chats you can have at one time to ensure fewer distractions and less ghosting.

Private feedback on Elate

Zero tolerance for d*ckheads

Safety is our number one priority and is worked into everything we do. Thankfully, the fact you can only chat to three people at a time means we put off the majority of scammers and fraudsters who rely on the numbers game!

Elate's smarter matching algorithm

Smarter, less superficial matching

It’s easy to find someone you fancy, waaaay harder to find someone you also like. What’s the point of a matching with someone you fancy if you have less in common than a shoe does with a toaster? (*Note to self: patent the idea for Toaster Shoes - the shoes to warm your feet*).

That’s why we’re dedicated to more than just superficial matching based on looks.

Soooo what do you think?

There’s lots more to come from this scrappy little dating startup but we can’t do it without your help and feedback! Check out this quick survey to give us your thoughts!